Gelibolu has hosted more than one civilization with its magnificent nature and unique panorama of the strait. We have developed 8 separate blocks with 1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1 Loft apartments comprised of modern buildings on 12 acres of land each with a unique view of the strait.

The most clean bay in the world and the only one that is self-cleaning, “Saros” bay is north of our project on the historical peninsula while the “Dardanelle Strait” which is one of the most important transit straits in the world in the west of it adorns our project. This combination gives us a Gelibolu with different beautiful aspects in different colors.

It is evident that this region renews and develops itself with each passing day. When the construction of the Çanakkale strait bridge which is in the designing phase is completed an additional value will be added to this valuable region. It is a great opportunity for investors.